I have always been inspired by food. It’s my family’s love language. Learning how to cook has allowed me to connect with my culture, and share it with others.

When I was two years old, my gung gung (grandfather) used to carry me on his left arm while cooking over a fiery wok with his right. When I got too big to hold, he would fold armfuls of bao dough in front of me, letting me dust each round with flour while my nose barely peeked over the counter. I watched him bake pies, fill eggrolls, and hang pounds of zongzi on colourful strings along our kitchen windows.

I can certainly say that my passion for food started with him, quite literally putting me face-first into the fryer when I was barely a toddler (but my mom is also the best cook I know, so maybe it just runs through the Heng family blood).

I have always been inspired by food. For me, food is so much more than sustenance. It’s my family’s love language; an expression of care and gratefulness. Learning how to cook has allowed me to connect with my culture, and share it with others – which, is exactly why we’re here today.

I’m a second-generation 20 -something born in Canada – both of my parents were born in Malaysia and migrated North at a young age. We grew up eating a vast array of Chinese and Malay cuisine, as well as many other delicious delicacies from all over South-East Asia like Korean and Singaporean. My recipes are inspired by the flavours that I consumed when I was a kid, harmonized with my own personal twist today.

I’ve always believed that food is one of the best ways to bring people together. It can say a lot about a person’s history or culture or recall a feeling or memory – and my intent, with this blog, is to manifest those feelings for you to enjoy.

I hope that these recipes help demystify what Asian cooking is by making it simple, accessible, and delicious – and that it inspires you to share some of these meals with someone that you love.